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Want a boat?

Send us an email to and we can connect you on where to go and give you more information on the boat and our experience. The technology used on the boat is unique compared to everything on the market today. The boats are environmentally friendly and are started using pre owned boats which eliminates all manufacturing or building new boats.

Will it work?

You're likely just like us. We wanted to bring more fun to our community at a reasonable price. Nothing on the market allowed us to do that but now there is. We've had a blast running our boat and know you will too! 

- Price: Boats starting at $50,000

- Low operating costs

Easy maintenance: Nearly everything can be serviced with a basic socket set, Allen wrenches and screwdrivers

- Knowledge: Have questions? Just ask. We have years of experience doing tours of multiple kinds.

- Proven business model: Likely to be profitable in 12 operating months or less depending on demographic and market size.

- Turn key business opportunity: Launch your boat and go to work. 


Standard Features

Capacity: 13 people (10 pedal spots)

Length: 24'+

Deck width: 8'

Polypropylene deck

Bar height railings

Easy maintenance 

Limited moving parts

On board storage

Bimini roof

LED lit beach themed bar top

Customized steering wheel

Bluetooth stereo 


* Arcade bar top

* Safety kit (PFD's, fire extinguisher, throwable PFD, lights and more!)

* Charging Ports

Questions? Interested?

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